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"The amount of times i have been told to use this website to improve my maths shocks me! I went on it once and found that it actually did help! Thanks Miss Watts for telling me about..."

Harrison, Student, Saffron Walden County High School

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The Expert Maths Tutor for Students of All Ages

Diagnoses Gaps in Maths Knowledge - Teaches the Right Lessons - Tests Understanding
Guiding students down their path to success in maths


It's difficult to know where weaknesses in maths started.

Ideas in maths build on one another so gaps in knowledge can mean future lessons don't make sense and confidence drops.


ConquerMaths diagnoses gaps in knowledge, then teaches the needed video maths lessons.

ConquerMaths then ensures a rock solid understanding using appropriate tests and activities and provides clear and detailed reports.

An Excellent Maths Teacher

Pat Murray is a truly excellent maths teacher who presents each lesson in a friendly, step-by-step manner. The lessons are concise and logical making them really easy to retain which gives students that important confidence in their ability.

Making Maths Make Sense

Maths is a very cumulative subject - ideas build on one another. When a crucial lesson is missed or not understood, future topics can stop making sense. It can be a downward spiral unless problems are corrected

ConquerMaths covers the complete curriculum in clear and concise video lessons, each with an accompanying test to ensure a solid understanding.

Diagnoses Where Help is Needed

It's difficult to know where problems may have started... sometimes several years could even have passed. ConquerMaths includes diagnostic tests (which you can also use free!) covering most topics that adjust to the ability of the learner. A clear report then advises where study should be focused and which lessons to watch and listen to that should plug gaps in knowledge!

Control your Own Pace of Learning

Everyone learns at a different pace. In a normal classroom, you can't pause and rewind the teacher. ConquerMaths puts the learner in control, placing the power in their hands with the ability to stop the teacher and go back to repeat or recap any part of any lesson, as many times as needed until they feel comfortable. There's no embarrassment factor, Pat will never get frustrated and there's no risk of holding up the rest of the class!

Consistent Learning, Right Through School

A really important factor with maths learning is consistency... maths teachers change throughout school so getting used to new methods can be stressful.

ConquerMaths uses the same excellent teacher throughout who both writes and voices every lesson that students need to study at school from the age of 4 right through to 18.

Using this consistent method of learning makes transition between school years and even different schools a much more manageable experience!

Diagnoses gaps in maths knowledge
then provides just the right lessons to take to remedy the issues

An expert Maths Teacher available day or night
to help with homework, revision or to recap missed or misunderstood lessons

Each lesson teaches an entire school maths lesson
online, in an average of just 5 minutes!

Consistency throughout and a really good teacher
make learning maths much more effective, right through school

Available Online, anywhere there's Internet access,
even on iPhone, iPad and Android mobile phones and tablets

Highly acclaimed by members and press and media

A month of tuition for half the cost of an hour with a private maths tutor,
and always available wherever and whenever you need it

Join with confidence
thanks to the No Quibble, Two Week Money Back Guarantee!