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Absolutely love conquer maths. What a fantastic website! I can already see the progress and it has only been 4 weeks! If only there was something similar for english.
YASMIN, Parent, sw1p 4jj on 11th Jan 2018
I appreciate this website as it helps me a lot with maths that i am struggling with. Big thank you!
Thomas.M, Student, newcastle on 19th Dec 2017
Its a really good resource for extra help on maths
hanna hussain , Student, birmingham on 12th Dec 2017
I love conquermaths its amazing
alice ayg 9 , Student, birmingham on 6th Dec 2017
In class if you do no't know something you can just go on conqer maths and just learn what you do not know and then you will just lean that esayly e. G tests sats.
Emaan, Student, london on 1st Dec 2017
Fantastic site. We love going through the videos. Very well explained. Thank you
Sharon Hinton, Parent, Swindon on 30th Nov 2017
Love love love the math plus i am ten and am on key stage three. But it is not a big deal i learn different to other kids so kids who have fallen behind you are amazing just believe in yourself and you can achieve your goals
abi, Student, karmiel on 26th Nov 2017
Wow.. I am so happy with conquer maths, my daughter has been on this for about an hour and a half and it has already paid for itself in my opinion. My daughter has been struggling to fully understand adding fractions with different denominators but after her first night trying conquer maths she is so confident and has got a complete understanding of the working out process. Amazing product, i wish we had this when we were kids.
Paul ellis, Parent, Manchester on 18th Oct 2017
Brilliant video tutorials and very tricky questions which we've enjoyed tackling together on our first day. Many thanks!
Alice Lunt, Parent, Brighton on 17th Oct 2017
Hi. I just wanted to thank conquermaths for making math so much fun. Sometimes it's a challenge but it's fun. Thanks abigail
abi, Student, Karmiel on 3rd Oct 2017