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Conquer maths is fun
Isabella Campbell, Student, Romford on 16th May 2019
This website is amazing. It helped me face all my difficulties along with games lessons videos and tests
anushka jain, Parent, Eastcote on 5th May 2019
I found conquer maths very useful
Khadeejah, Student, Liverpool on 27th Apr 2019
This is good! I have passed with 90% on 2-digit short division!!! Thanks!!!
Giacomo Campbell, Student, Romford,Essex on 16th Apr 2019
I love conqs!!! Omg! I've haven't got one question wrong in the entire division ii section!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Giacomo Campbell, Student, Romford,essex on 8th Apr 2019
Thank you so much cm team! We are loving cm and my daughter is whizzing along with her maths now. Thank you alan for your additional help with equivalent fractions, we've got that now. This is an excellent online learning tool, we'd be lost without it!
Flora Wilson, Parent, Stratford upon Avon on 22nd Mar 2019
Very good
helo, Teacher, usa on 19th Mar 2019
Great learning tool, my son loves it and i can leave him to do it for himself.
Sinikka, , Grenada on 18th Mar 2019
I love conquer maths because it is really helpful to learn even i have learnt something new.
chelsea, Student, london/kent/cedar/rochester on 11th Mar 2019
My daughter is finding this very helpful. At last she is understanding some maths basics she has never understood. Yay :-) conquer english really needed! Please pretty please
Dyane Turner, Parent, Bishop Auckland on 4th Mar 2019