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Its amazing,oustanding
mandip leihal, Student, nottingham on 2nd Oct 2018
tom brackley, Student, stafford on 26th Sep 2018
I love conquermaths! Every day i do an hour to two hours of it and man is it fun! Highly recommended! My math skills have never been better!
Kat L., Student, Hoboken NJ on 18th Sep 2018
Thank you i have had so much support from you
jaaziah, Student, london on 11th Sep 2018
I really enjoy conquer math because it helped me pass my exam. But am still a guest.
abdulhafiz, Student, Leeds on 11th Aug 2018
Really good, helped me a lot with my exam revision :) :)
Cat , Student, Aberdeen on 17th Jun 2018
Amazing, helped me loads with homework
Annabel Bowes, Student, harome on 24th May 2018
This is a great and simple website for helping my maths skills
Raphael, Student, Aberdeen on 14th May 2018
I love it and my student finds it so easy to work with. I am finding this a very useful tool. I have not yet worked out how to check individual answers but have made good use of the setting work and results provided. The videos are great and the work is divided up into really useful chunks.
Jennie Dalton, Tutor, Leeds on 10th May 2018
An excellent resource and used regularly with my students. Was former head of mathematics/computing until retiring and your worksheets/lessons are an invaluable resource.
John Baker, Tutor, Grangemouth on 3rd Apr 2018