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Really good, helped me a lot with my exam revision :) :)
Cat , Student, Aberdeen on 17th Jun 2018
Amazing, helped me loads with homework
Annabel Bowes, Student, harome on 24th May 2018
This is a great and simple website for helping my maths skills
Raphael, Student, Aberdeen on 14th May 2018
I love it and my student finds it so easy to work with. I am finding this a very useful tool. I have not yet worked out how to check individual answers but have made good use of the setting work and results provided. The videos are great and the work is divided up into really useful chunks.
Jennie Dalton, Tutor, Leeds on 10th May 2018
An excellent resource and used regularly with my students. Was former head of mathematics/computing until retiring and your worksheets/lessons are an invaluable resource.
John Baker, Tutor, Grangemouth on 3rd Apr 2018
I love conquer maths it helped me achieve goals.
aqeelah, Student, lodon on 2nd Apr 2018
My mum found out about this when i was 5 or 6 and i started using it... I was good in maths already but i became the best n the class and i passed all the tests in with a*'s. Now i'm in year 7 and we have exams coming up i started to use it again and it really refreshed my memory on some subjects. I think it is a really good website. I would really like to see conquerenglishor conquerscience!!
JANAT, Student, London on 25th Mar 2018
Fantastic, i have just signed my son up to conquer maths - purely to see what it's all about before we decide to home educate, i love it and i'm sure my son will too once he has a look through it and gets used to it. Thank you!
Julianne , Parent, Aberdeenshire on 23rd Mar 2018
My daughter is really enjoying this site and is eager to do so much more than i could previously get her to do. She takes pleasure in the subject now and is asking for more and more tasks to be set. I have found setting tasks easy and the site is easy to use. Feedback is good and i can see how well she is doing. Wonderful!
Jennie Dalton, Tutor, Leeds on 21st Mar 2018
I believe this has helped me to overcome the barrier between maths and me. I wasn't able to do enough practice and sometimes at school and i couldn't understand what was being taught however, conquer maths has helped me overcome this and, be a better mathematician.
Arnav, Student, Ashford on 12th Mar 2018