The Maths Teacher you can Rewind

Learning with ConquerMaths means that all the pressure of learning maths is quashed. Students learn at their own pace. They can stop and rewind the teacher to repeat any part of any lesson whenever they like.

When a lesson at school is missed or misunderstood it often makes new topics difficult to understand. ConquerMaths covers the whole curriculum so learners can go back and refresh any part of their learning.

ConquerMaths video lessons are clear, concise and straight to the point. Because the distractions and time-wasting of traditional lessons are removed, ConquerMaths lessons average under 5 minutes.

Why does ConquerMaths work so well?

ConquerMaths is different to other 'online tutors'. By synchronising the clear, spoken explanations of really good maths teacher with sharp, professional graphics and animations, ConquerMaths lessons stimulate the senses to aid maths absorption.

Because ConquerMaths is adaptive and adjusts to the needs of the learner, it eliminates stress and allows learners to work at their own pace.

By incorporating fun onscreen activities, questions, tests and printable worksheets, ConquerMaths also stimulates a third sense, kinaesthetic (doing). This triple hit combined with 18 years of careful refinement is what makes ConquerMaths so much more effective than any other way to learn maths.