The Maths Teachers' Swiss Army Knife

ConquerMaths provides all the resources and tools that maths teachers at any level need to be awesome!

Giving your learners access to ConquerMaths is like being there for them any time they need help, 24 hours a day, whilst saving time in and out of the classroom by taking the pressure away from marking and admin.

What makes ConquerMaths different?

Clear, concise and professional

Unlike other maths programmes, ConquerMaths teaches maths principles using clear and professional animations, synchronised with the spoken explanations of an experienced maths teacher. ConquerMaths is consistent throughout using the same friendly teacher from reception (age 4) right through to A-Level (age 18).

Each bite-sized online lesson has been designed to teach maths in a logical, step by step manner, just like school maths lessons.

Over 1,200 ready made maths lessons are included that can be used in class or individually on almost any internet connected device.

Advanced reporting and time-saving tools for teachers

ConquerMaths advanced teacher admin tools save you time by recording detailed results in each students' on-going progress report, highlighting areas of weakness which require additional revision.

Detailed reports are generated for whole school, individual classes or individual students within the admin and teacher areas as well as a host of easy to use tools for administering student and teacher accounts.

What can we do with ConquerMaths?

Diagnoses Maths Problems

Adaptive tests at the beginning of most topics seek out weaknesses and gaps in knowledge.

Recommends Video Lessons

A clear report highlights areas where individuals should concentrate their efforts.

Watch Video Tutorials

Each lesson is taught step by step by an experienced maths teacher in an average of under 5 minutes.

Test Understanding

Learners are tested in an appropriate manner after each lesson using on-screen questions & activities and/or printable worksheets.

Auto Marking

Tests, activities and worksheets are automatically marked. Worked solutions are available at teacher-set milestones and in the teacher area.

Detailed Reporting

Everything students do or achieve in ConquerMaths is recorded. A suite of reports is available and raw data can be downloaded.

Set Homework

Choose from and set video tutorials, diagnostics and tests for groups or individuals. Learners each receive a unique set of questions and everything is automatically marked.

Manage the Curriculum

Adjust the ConquerMaths curriculum to match your own teaching, or set specific curricula for individuals. Now little Johnny can work through Year 4 without feeling demoralised because he's in Year 6!

Third Party Integration

Integrate ConquerMaths with your VLE and benefit from Single Sign On, direct links to resources. Our team will work with your admins to ensure painless and effective integration.